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ETDC Hyderabad

ETDC Hyderabad

Parameters/Test Range/Accuracy/specifications

Universal Power Analyzer for measuring voltage, current, power and power factor


V: 0  to 1500RMS

I: upto 30 Amps RMS

Freq.:500 kHz

Crest Factor: upto 20

Acoustic sound level measurement

0 – 300 dB


Range:0 to 20000 lux

Accuracy:3 %

High voltage break down testing

V:0 – 10 kV

I: 0 – 30 mA, Acc.:3 %

Measurement of Insulation resistance

R: 0-2GΩ

V:0-  1000VDC

Accuracy: 3%

Facility/Equipment/Tools Make & Model

Universal Power Analyzer


Voltech, PM3000A


Lecroy, Wavjet 352A

Sound Level Meter  

B & K, 2238

Digital Lux Meter

INS, DX-100


HP, 34401 A

Load Bank


Quality Power Analyser

Fluke, 43B

Break down Tester


Agronic, 213/214/215

Insulation Tester/Meggar