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Product Certification Schemes

Product Certification Schemes


Recent strides in technology have proliferated electronics in all walks of life. Like every technology, electronics too has its hazards in the form of electric shock, emission of toxic fumes, fire, radiation, implosion, injuries due to improper construction of appliances etc. An ideal situation would be that every component and equipment is so designed, produced, tested and certified that it would not be a source of danger in normal use or otherwise. In practice, there is a need to reduce this inherent risk within acceptable limits laid down in various national or international standards keeping in view the working environment and utilization of the product. Capability of an individual product to meet the safety requirements can be verified by testing the product against these standards. Safety testing, certification and consequent mark of conformity on electronics products as per standards is in vogue in majority of the countries and desired by most of the customers . There are strict legislation in many countries on mandatory compliance of safety requirements for imported as well as locally manufactured products.

Therefore, for global trading and domestic supply of Indian electronic products, it is essential that these products not only meet international safety standards but are also certified to these standards.

STQC Certification Services took the lead and became the first Third Party Certification Agency of Indian origin in India in 1993 to offer Safety Certification. Since then STQC Certification Services has broaden its scope of certification and is now providing Certification Services.

Services Offered: