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Vision, Mission & Objective

Vision, Mission & Objective


Be a Quality Assurance service organization to enhance processes and competitiveness of IT and electronics industry enabling them to deliver products and services of global standards.


To support industry and trade and protect consumer interest in electronic and IT sector by providing customer centric, accredited quality assurance services as per international standard for global acceptance.


  • Support Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology’s initiatives in the key areas like e-Government, e-Industry , e-Innovation / R&D , e-Learning, e-Security, e-Inclusion, Internet Governance through Quality & Security evaluations of IT systems and other projects of national importance.
  • Formulation of eGovernance Standards/ Guidelines/Frameworks in emerging areas/technologies.
  • Become a key player in national measurement assurance system by providing test & calibration facilities in emerging technologies
  • Providing accredited certification services for processes and products for global compliance
  • Capacity building in the area of services being offered.
  • Continuously improving efficiency and effectiveness of STQC processes.