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Software Process Assessment

System and Software Audits:

1. Process Audit:

  • Requirements Processes
  • Development Processes
  • Operational Processes
  • Maintenance Processes

Audit of processes is done as per international standards/ Best practices such as ISO/IEC 12207, IEEE Software Engineering Standards, ISO 15504 (SPICE)

2. IT Infrastructure Audit:

Audit of critical IT Infrastructure deployed at Data Center, Disaster Recovery Site, Network, Gateway, Front-Offices and Back Office locations is undertaken to verify that they are in compliance to Bill-of-Material and defined architecture. The audit also covers operationalization aspects of IT infrastructure:

  • Hardware Configuration and Operationalization Audit
  • Software Configuration and Operationalization Audit
  • Deployed Solution Architecture and Operationalization Audit
  • Gateway Audit

 Support Services:

1. Support Services for Process:

Support services in setting up system & software processes like testing, configuration management, project planning etc. as per ISO/IEC 12207, IEEE Software Engineering Standards & Best Practices.

2. Support Services for Documentation:

Counseling services in development of system & software documentation such as Requirements Specification, User Manual, Plans & Reports etc.