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Quality Management System (QMS)

ISO stands for the International Organisation for Standardisation which currently comprises the national standards bodies of 91 nations. Its function is to develop global standards in an effort to improve the exchange of goods and services internationally. The ISO 9001 standard is a quality management standard.

Benefits of Certification

  • Improved corporate image
  • Competitive advantage-market positioning
  • Reduced warranty/liability claims through defect reduction
  • Improved records in case of litigation
  • Reduction of need for multiple second part assessment.
  • Improves traceability to 'root causes' of quality problems
  • Independent, impartial and professional verification
  • Required by an increasing number of buyers
  • Results in errors rectified, at the earliest stage-not repeated
  • Clearly defines responsibilities and authorities.

How is compliance to ISO 9000 demonstrated?

Compliance to ISO 9001 standard is demonstrated by registering a supplier's quality system to the ISO 9001 standard. The process involves a review of the supplier's documentation and on-site audits performed by a certification body. Upon approval of corrective actions implemented to correct any deficiencies found, a certificate is given granting registration. Surveillance visits assure the maintenance of the supplier's quality system.

'STQC Certification Services' an Accredited body?

Yes, STQC Certification Services are internationally recognized and accredited by NABCB,  India for QMS certification scheme with the scope covering majority of areas. 

Why to Choose STQC?

  • Established in 1992, STQC is First certification body of Indian origin
  • Reputation for excellence in the electronics sector
  • Recognized by major buyers, Domestic and International
  • Hardware and software experience and expertise
  • All auditors are professionally qualified and certified
  • Credibility built through experts in quality
  • Extensive auditor capability and availability
  • Leader in the development of quality standards
  • Transparent operations

Certification Process

Pre-certification requirements

Client interested in obtaining certificate of registration under QMS scheme, shall have established a documented quality system complying with the requirements of current version of the ISO 9001 standard and the applicable product standards.

Application: STQC Certification Services provide an application along with an offer based on defined criteria to its clients for initial information. The duly filled application along with applicable fee, quality system documentation and certification agreement needs to be submitted to STQC Certification Services.

Evaluation of Documentation: STQC Certification Services reviews the submitted documentation against the requirements of ISO 9001 standard and prepares a report detailing its finding. The deficiencies, if any, will have to be corrected prior to assessment, since this documentation will form a part of assessment criteria during assessment.

Stage I - Assessment visit: Following documentation review, Stage 1 assessment is carried out at the client’s premises to gain first hand information about the applicant’s processes, size, complexity, applicability of regulatory requirements and applicant’s readiness for Stage II assessment.  The weaknesses and / or issues identified and reported during Stage I assessment must be corrected before proceeding further.

The duration of Stage I assessment is normally one or two days. The finding of Stage I assessment are documented in a Stage I assessment report and used for planning detailed assessment known as Stage II assessment.

Stage II - Assessment visit: The Stage II - Assessment visit is a detailed on-site assessment that takes place at the applicant's locations(s) and determines conformance to the ISO 9001 standard and the effectiveness of the quality system. The Stage II assessment also specifically pursue in detail the weaknesses and issues identified during Stage I assessment. Non-conformances, if any, found during the Stage II assessment process, are reported to client objectively. At the end of the assessment, a report of Stage II assessment is prepared and handed over to applicant in original for taking corrective actions.

Corrective action :The applicant will be required to take corrective action for any non-conformances reported during the Stage II assessment before initiating the process of granting certification. The evidences of corrective actions shall be submitted to assessment team leader, for review and acceptance, within the committed time frame.

Certification: STQC Certification Services will issue a certificate of registration to the applicant once the corrective action has been accepted. The certificate carries a validity of three years from the date of issue subject to satisfactory findings during surveillances.

The certified client’s are committed through signing of certification agreement to comply with the certification body’s requirements.

Surveillance: During the certificate validity period, two surveillance assessments are carried out at an interval of one year from the date of certification in the period of the certificate validity. The Certification Body also reserve the right to order unplanned and / or additional surveillances in case of complaints. In case of failure to accept surveillance, major non conformities, failure to take timely corrective actions or failure to fulfill financial obligations  may lead to suspension of the certificate.

Failure to take effective timely actions for revoking suspension may lead to withdrawal of certificate.

Renewal: The client's quality system is re-assessed for the renewal of certificate. All actions related with renewal (including completion of corrective actions) shall be completed before expiry of certificate to ensure continuity of certificate.


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