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These laboratories have extensive capabilities in Testing and Calibration and associated services with specialization in a number of high technology areas. All the ERTLs have been equipped with state-of-art Test and Calibration equipments. The scientists working in ERTLs have been trained and certified by National / International Institutes in their respective work areas. Facilities at each ERTL are augmented every year keeping in view the regional industry requirements and technological transitions.

National Accreditation Board (NABL) has accredited services rendered by these ERTLs as Test and Calibration Laboratories.

Delhi, ERTL (North)

Electronics Regional Test Laboratory, ERTL (North), New Delhi has specialization in High Precision Calibration facilities, Environmental testing, Power / Energy Testing, and EMI/EMC testing.

Kolkata, ERTL (East)

Electronics Regional Test Laboratory, ERTL (East), Kolkata has specialization in Opto Electronics, Mining Electronics, Mobile Calibration, Environmental testing, safety testing

Mumbai, ERTL (West)

Electronics Regional Test Laboratory, ERTL (West), Mumbai has specialization in Safety Testing, Environmental testing Semiconductor Testing

Thiruvananthapuram, ERTL (South)

Electronics Regional Test Laboratory, ERTL (South) has specialization in component Testing of SMDs both passive as well as active devices, environmental testing and Medical Electronics equipment testing.

Recognitions / Accreditations

ERTLs have been accredited and  recognized by national and international bodies.

ERTL Location

Specialized Services

Specialized test facilities for EMI/EMC, Safty testing and high precision calibration facilities.