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Electronics and Electrical Testing

Electronics and Electrical Testing


Electronics and Electrical TestingThe conformances to technical specifications, quality, reliability and performance of electrical and electronics products is an important aspect for consumers as well as equipment / products manufactures. The compliance to various national and international standards / specifications is usually carried out by testing and evaluations of such products. STQC laboratories namely ERTLs and ETDCs located through out India, in houses state of the art facilities for testing of various products as per national & international specifications.



Recognitions and Accreditation:

STQC Test Laboratories are recognized by

  • National accreditation by NABL under National laboratory accreditation programmed
  • Test laboratories approved by BIS, DOT, RDSO, ISRO, DRDO, MNES, DG Mine Safety & Chief Controller Explosive and DG Shipping
  • Recognition of Test Reports by International agencies like UL VDE, CSA & FCC etc through mutual recognition arrangements
  • Assistance in comparative testing and evaluation of consumer electronic/electrical products (for consumer associations)

Services Offered: