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Safety Testing


Safety testing

Safety testing of various Electrical/Electronic Appliances/Equipment has become of great importance specially in mission-critical applications and safety-critical components. The product design for safety aspects of products shall be safe to use in normal and abnormal condition i.e. it does not only provide the protection of human beings against injuries or safeguard against health hazards but also the protection of property and environment in connection with the operation of equipment, installation and process. An electronic /electrical product must provide protection against following safety hazards namely Electric shock, Harmful radiation, Excessive Temperature, Implosion, Mechanical instability, Fire etc.

STQC laboratories in houses safety testing facilities as per national & international specifications.

Recognitions and Accreditation:

STQC is recognized for carrying out safety testing as per various national and international standards and the following area some our recognitions

  • IECEE-CB Scheme
  • CSA/VDE Acceptance
  • Saudi Arabia Standardization Organization (SASO)
  • Safety Compliance Certification
  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • Standards Organization of Nigeria Conformity Assessment Programme (SONCAP)
  • TEC (Telecommunication Equipment Centre under Deportment of Telecommunication NABL

Services Offered:

  • Test and Measuring Instrument Safety
  • Power/Energy Safety
  • IT Safety
  • Critical Component
  • Medical
  • Consumer/Household
Safety Testing facilities available at following centres:
ERTL(North) Delhi
ETDC Bengaluru
ETDC Mumbai
ERTL(East) Kolkata