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Solar PV Testing


Solar PV Testing

The use of solar and Photo Voltaic appliances is increasing in day-to-day applications. Many manufactures are producing solar panels and PV cells. Keeping in view, STQC laboratories have established a special test facility for performance evaluation of solar panels and PV cells.




Recognitions and Accreditation:

The state of the art test facilities are recognized and services utilized by major manufactures namely Central Electronic Ltd., Moser Bear, etc....

Services Offered:

The testing is performed under standard/different test conditions and Qualification testing of PV modules as per the Standards: IEC 61215, IEEE Std 1262-1995, BIS14286: 1995. The test facilities are available at ERTL (East) Kolkata, ETDC Bengaluru, and some more laboratories. Products tested include Solar PV based Systems especially PV Lighting Systems, Solar Lanterns, Batteries, etc.

Solar PV Testing facilities available at the following centres:
ERTL(East) Kolkata
ETDC Bengaluru