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Equipment and System Testing



The testing of the evaluation of electrical and electronic assemblies and systems is an integral part of quality assurance prior to its use. As an independent testing organization, STQC laboratories namely ERTLs and ETDCs, have state of the art test facilities. The power /energy test benches, communication test setup, environmental chambers, Anechoic chamber, Oscilloscopes, Spectrum analyzers, Precision DMMs, etc. are some of the unique testing facilities at STQC laboratories.

The testing of power/ energy equipment, RF and communication equipment, Testing and measuring instruments, consumer and domestic products, and computer and IT hardware products and systems equipment/instruments to carry out testing as per national and international specifications and standards.

Recognitions and Accreditation:

  • The services of STQC laboratories are recognized by the industry, government, and Public sector organizations such as State Electricity Boards, Bureau of Energy efficiency, RDSO, and many more.
  • The laboratories also participate in the National proficiency testing programs
  • Assistance in comparative testing and evaluation of consumer electronic/electrical products (for consumer associations)
  • TEC (Telecommunication Equipment Centre under Department of Telecommunication)

Services Offered:

  • Test and Measuring Instruments
  • RF Equipments
  • Computer and IT Products
  • Power/Energy Equipments
  • Consumer/Household Products
  • Communication Equipment
Equipment System Testing facilities available at following centres:
ERTL(East) Kolkata
ETDC Jaipur
ERTL(North) Delhi
ETDC Hyderabad
ETDC Bengaluru
ETDC Chennai
ETDC Mumbai