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About Certification

About Certification

About Certification

STQC Certification Services took lead and became the first Third Party Certification Agency of Indian origin in India in 1991 to offer QMS certification. Since then STQC Certification Services has broaden its scope of certification and is now providing Certification Service in QMS Product Certification/ISMS/ITSM/Website quality / smart card / Biometric devices/eProcurement along with a host of other schemes for the benefit of the industry. It caters to the need of third party certification for the products in line with National and International standards and schemes.

STQC offers its certification services to industry and other organizations in the following domains :

Management System Certification Scheme

Product Certification Schemes

Mgmt. System, Product Certification (IT & e-Gov)

All these services are provided The STQC IT services are offered through Regional Certification office Delhi and Mumbai

Regional Certification Offices Location