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About STQC Trainings

About STQC Trainings

Training is critical enabler in an organization & pursuit of quality. Organizations need to upgrade the knowledge and skills of their professionals to achieve business goals with high quality products and services. STQC facilitates this requirement of industry through conducting and organizing the public training programs and onsite customized training programs. STQC Trainings are mostly oriented for Working Professionals. Most of the trainings are of short term duration ranging from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Key Areas where STQC provides Trainings :

STQC Centres Providing Trainings :

In addition, STQC labs/Centres (ERTL/ETDC) also offer Skill based Trainings related to their area of test and calibration services on need basis.

STQC has trained more than 50,000 working professionals from all over the Indian industry including private, public sector and Government. Overseas training services have also been imputed to Sri Lanka, Singapore, Mauritius, UAE, China, and Taiwan etc. Faculties for all these courses are drawn mostly from within STQC as well as experts from the industry.