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ETDC, Chennai

ETDC ChennaiElectronics Test & Development Centre (ETDC), Chennai is a premier Government of India organization under STQC Directorate with specialization in comprehensive testing of Electronics, Electro-mechanical and IT products as per National Standards of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and International Standards like International Electro-technical Commission (IEC), MIL-STDs as well as other industrial and company standards.
The centre operates as per the International Standards for laboratory quality management system, namely ISO/IEC 17025 and accredited to National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration laboratories (NABL), India as per the standard.
The Centre is well equipped with the state of the art testing, calibration and software test tools.  The test facilities and the training infrastructure are instituted with support from Indo-German Project.

Recognitions / Accreditations

  • Accredited to NABL in the following disciplines:
    • Calibration - Electro-Technical and Temperature disciplines
    • Testing –Electronics, Electro-Mechanical and IoT based devices
    • Electrical Testing including batteries and energy meters
  • Recognized by Bureau of Indian Standards for electronics testing including energy meter testing.

Approved by Bureau of Indian Standards for electronics testing including energy meter testing as per their standard specifications.

Major Recognitions / Accreditations including Agencies Name Certificate (if any)
NABL Accreditation Certificate- Electrical & Electronics Testing Download (357 KB)PDF icon
NABL Accreditation Certificate- Electro-Technical, Thermal & Mechanical Calibration Download (130 KB)PDF icon
NABL Accreditation Scope for Testing Download (5787 KB)PDF icon
NABL Accreditation Scope for Calibartion Download (5837 KB)PDF icon
Extension in Validity of Accreditation Testing Download (90 KB)PDF icon

Specialized Services

The Centre is organized with three specializations as under:

  • Electronics Testing Service for testing of electronic and allied products.
  • Calibration Service for calibration of all types of measuring instruments and standards.
  • Training Industry professionals in Electronic Testing & Calibration services.

Any Other Information

ETDC, Chennai is committed to provide testing, calibration and training services through its professional practices at all levels for achieving full customer satisfaction.  We maintain customer confidence through our consistent efforts for continual improvement in our day to day operations.  Thus we are able to retain our customers and their loyalty to our services is one of the  highest.
We provide hassle free customer services strictly keeping up the time schedules.
We make sincere efforts for providing faster, efficient and timely services, using state-of-the art facilities and with the involvement of competent, enthusiastic and humble engineers who receive advanced training in India and abroad.
In the past, many entrepreneurs have benefited from our services in different ways. Our existence and endeavor is to help in developing world-class manufacturers through improved quality and reliability of their products and services.

Calibration - Calibration of High Precision Equipment for Electro-technical and non-electrical parameters

Key Areas of Services offered to Industry

Key Areas of Calibration Services

Service Area Category
Calibration Electro Technical Calibration
  Non Electrical Calibration

Electro Technical Calibration

Calibration of Voltmeter, Ammeter, Multimeter, Wattmeter, Energy Meter, ABT Meter, Power Analyzer, Power Transducers, Clamp Meter, Meggar, HV Tester, Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, Timer, Signal Generator, Process Calibrator, Multifunction Calibrator etc. are carried out.

Non Electrical Calibration

Calibration of Temperature Indicator, Temperature Controller, Thermocouple, RTD, Data Logger, Climatic Chamber etc. are carried out

Onsite Calibration

Onsite calibration of electronic instruments and equipment for calibration of electro technical parameters and non electrical parameters are carried out.

Contact Us

Head of Laboratory/Centre

Name and Designation Address Phone/Email/Fax
Dr. R. Muthukumar, Director

ETDC, STQC Directorate
Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India
Dr.VSI Estate, Thiruvanmiyur,
Chennai 600 041

Phone: 044 - 24547788
Fax: 044 - 24543713
Email: muthukumar AT

Office Incharge Customer Service Cell

Name and Designation Address Phone/Email/Fax
Shri.B. Sugumaran, Scientist D

ETDC, STQC Directorate
Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology
Government of India
Dr.VSI Estate, Thiruvanmiyur,
Chennai 600 041

Phone: 044-24547700 / 01
Email: cnetdc AT