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ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

Measurement Capability

Parameter / Test Range / Accuracy / Specifications

Emission, Immunity and Harmonics

CISPR 11,12,13,14-1 & 2,15 22,32 & CISPR 24,CISPR 35,IEC61000-6-1,2,3,4,EN 55011,EN55014-1,EN55014-2, EN55015,EN 55022,EN55032,EN55035 & EN61000-3-2


EN55024, FCC Part 15&18,IEC61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,29

Conducted Emission

CISPR11,13,14-1,15,22,32 & Other relevant  EN, BSEN,AS, IS, FCC,TEC Specification  equivalent specifications

Radiated Emission

CISPR11,12,13,14-1,15,22,32, & Other relevant  EN, BSEN,AS,IS, FCC,TEC Specification  equivalent specifications

Harmonics Emission

IEC61000-3-2 & other relevant  EN, BSEN ,IS Specifications

Flicker Emission

IEC61000-3-3 & other relevant EN,BSEN & IS Specifications

Radiated Power

CISPR14-1  & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specifications

ESD Test

IEC61000-4-2 & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specifications

Radiated Immunity Test

IEC61000-4-3  & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specifications

Burst Test /Electric fast Transients

IEC61000-4-4 & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specifications

Surge Immunity

IEC61000-4-5 & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specifications

Conducted (RF) Immunity Test

IEC61000-4-6 & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specifications

Power Freq. Magnetic Immunity Test

IEC61000-4-8 & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specifications

Pulsed Magnetic Immunity Test

IEC61000-4-9 & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specifications

Damped Pulsed Magnetic Immunity Test*

IEC61000-4-10 & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specifications

AC & DC Voltage Dip & Interruption Test

IEC61000-4-11 &29 ,other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specs

Damped Oscillatory & ring wave Immunity

IEC61000-4-18,12 & other relevant EN,BSEN  & IS Specs



Shielding Effectiveness Measurement of

MIL –STD-285 & IEEE 297.1

Shielded Chamber


Radiated Magnetic Emission Test 9KHz-30MHz

 CISPR15 & EN 55015 &  other relevant specifications

Automobile EM Emission ( For ESA )

CISPR12 &  other relevant specifications

Antenna Calibration ( For Linear Antenna)

ANSI 63.5

Wireless  Parameters  Testing


Audio Immunity Test


Ripple Immunity Test*

 IEC61000-4-17 & other relevant Specifications

ESD Calibration

IEC61000-4-2  & other relevant specfications

List of Major Facility

Facility / Equipment / Tools Make and Model


Rohde & Schwartz, ESIB26




EMCO, 5411

LISN ( Single & Three phase )

R&S,PMM Italy, EMCO & Scientific

Antenna Mast (Height Scanning 1-4m)

ETS Lindgren

Turn Table ( 2m Dia)

ETS Lindgren

Dual Channel Controller 2090

ETS Lindgren

3m Semi Anechoic Chamber  Fact04

ETS Lindgren USA

CC TV Camera

ETS Lindgren

Current Probes


Absorbing Clamp

Rohde & Schwartz


Rohde & Schwartz

Antennae Bi-conical & Log Periodic  and Bi-log Antenna


Antennae – Loop , Rod, Horn ,Adj. Dipole Antenna


Antenna -Loop


Antenna – Large Loop antenna (2m Dia)


Harmonic & Flicker Test system


EFT & Surge Immunity Test  System Transient 2000 (3 &1 Phase)

 EMC Partner

Ultra Compact (Combined Immunity) Test Simulator

EM test

ESD Simulator

EM Test

Automatic Dimmer State

EM Test

Capacitor Clamp

EM Test

Signal Interface Coupler Network

EM Test

Single & Three Phase Coupler

EM Test

Loop Antenna (1m x 1m)

 EM Test

RF Conducted Immunity Test System

Amplifier Research & EM Test

Radiated Immunity Test System

Aeroflex,Prana, R&S & ETS Lindgren

Ring Wave & Damped  Oscillatory Wave Generator


HF Simulator


Interference Simulator


Voltage Dip & Interference Simulator

EM Test

DC Power Interruption Simulator

EM Test & Schaffner

Audio Power Generator


Signal Generator


Signal Generator

IFR International

Coupling-Decoupling Network

EM test, (M3 M5, Ethernet & audio CDN )

EM Clamp

EM Test

3 meter Anechoic Chamber

ETS Lindgren

G-TEM Cell Based Radiated. Immunity


Amplifier 400W

Prana France

Amplifier 10,150W

Amplifier research

Amplifier 25 W

Amplifier Research

Antenna Bi-conical, Log periodic


RF Field Probe

Amplifier Research

E & H meter


Over Voltage Simulator


Current Probe

EM Test

Reference Radiator

ETS Lindgren



3 Phase Digital Power Meter


Major Products Tested / Project Done

Major Products Tested / Projects Done
Domestic Appliances : Washing Machines, Cooler, Radiatent Heater, Mixer Grinder ,Refrigerator, Remote controller for Refrigerator, Vacuum Cleaner, Fan , weighing Machine Energy meter, Microwave oven
TV & Broadcast Systems : Colour & BW TV, Public Address System ,Amplifier , Audio System
Automobiles : CNG Operated Car, LPG Operated Car, Petrol Car, Central Locking System, Ignition plug for Engine, Blower , Speedometer
Information Technology & Telecommunication Products : Computer & peripherals, server , Photo copier, telephone ,EPBX , Multiplexe,Coba System, PCO Machine ,Telephone Exchanges, ISDN Network, Public address & Display system, Network Terminator , Access node ,Remote Terminal Unit
Lighting Equipments : Electronic Ballast , CFL, LED based Aviation Light, Fluorescent lighting for Photo Studios
Industrial, Scientific & Medical Equipment : Ventilator, Photometer, Spectrometer, Compressor, Currency & binding Machine , Sewing Machine Microprocessor based spectrometer, Relays , Proximity Switches, Timer Bar , Portable Chromatograph System, Mini spectrometer, Petrol pump ( control unit ), Flame Photo meter , Calori meter, Signal Generator , capacitance Meter, insulation Tester , Controller for air conditioning system for railway .etc
Power Electronics Equipment : UPS, SMPS, Line conditioner, Surge protector, Stablizer, Tri-vector Energy Meter, Chargers, 10 KV regulator .
Machines : CNC Grinding Machine, Printing Press, Die Cutting Machine
Antenna Calibration : Bi-Conical Antenna, Log periodic Anatenna,Dipole Antenna.
Shielding Effectiveness Measurement : EMI Shelter, Shielded Chambers/Rooms for Hospitals.