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ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

Measurement Capability

Parameter / Test Range / Accuracy / Specifications
Insulation resistance Test Voltage : 50 to 1000V (adjustable), IR Range:10MOhm,100MOhm,1000MOhm, Measuring Accuracy = ±0.3% + max. ±5 digit
High Voltage test AC: 16KV, DC: 40KV, Accuracy: ±2%
Softening Temperature/Heat Deflection test Temp.0-200 Deg. C, Dial Gauge Least Count 0.01mm, Chisel Radius 3mm ±0.1734 mm, Pin Dia. 1mm ±0.1734 mm, Accuracy: ±3%
Heating Test 30 Channel mobile recorder, TC:±0.15% of rdg. +1°C
Active Flammability Max voltage: 6KV ,Accuracy: ± 3 %
Earth resistance 0-120A, 12V
Leakage Current Leakage Current:0 -20.00mA, AC Voltage: 0.0-277.0V
Conductor Resistance Range: 3mΩ to 30KΩ, Accuracy: (±0.03% Rdg+0.02%FS)
Insulation Thickness 0-50mm, L.C.=0.001mm
Torch Current 0.0µA-999.9µA (at 0.0-277.0V),± (2% Rdg+3 Counts)
Glow Wire Test 0-960°C±10°C
Tracking Index 0-600V, 1.0A
Torsion Test Range :+/-10 to +/-60 1 Division :± 2%
Mechanical Strength Up to 200N, Accuracy: ±5%
Creepage distances , Clearance and distance through insulation 0-200mm, Accuracy: ±0.02mm
Conductor Diameter 0-25mm, Resolution: 0.001mm
Power Input & Current VAC/VDC : 1000Vmax, IAC/IDC : 200A, Power: 400KW, Accuracy:±(0.15% of Rdg+2 digit)
Inter turn Test Frequency 45-130 Hz, Voltage 0-650V
Cord retention test 5-50N
Torque test cord anchorage 0.4Nm to 5.0Nm
Impact test 0.2Nm to 1.0Nm
% SPO2 35%-100% Accuracy: ±3%
BPM 30-250BPM, Accuracy: 1%±1 BPM
Flow rate Range: 0.1-180LPM Accuracy: ±2% of Rdg.
Inspiration Time 0.01-60 Sec
Expiration time 0.01-60 Sec
Pressure -20 to 350cmH2O
Tidal Volume 0 to 2200ml, Accuracy: ±2% of Rdg.
Loss of Mass Test 100g max., Accuracy: ±1%
Capacitance C=.01fF-1999mF, Accuracy: ±0.1%
Tangent of loss angle D=.00001-9.9999, Accuracy: ±0.1%
Defibrillator Energy 0-1000 Joules, Accuracy: ±2% rdg ±5 joules
Insulation Resistance, Mains Part Applied Part 0-50MΩ
Protective Earth resistance 0-5Ω
Earth Leakage Current 10µA-5000µA
Thermal Stability Temp.: 0-250°C
Dimensions 0-1000mm
Bump Test Height: 5 cm
Ball Pressure test Force: 20N, Ball diameter: 5mm
Ionizing Radiation 0-100mR/h, Accuracy:< ±10% of Full Scale Indication

List of Major Facility

Facility / Equipment / Tools Make and Model
Tracking index analyzer PTL M3106
Flexing Apparatus for cable Friborg 7100
Abrasion Test Apparatus Friborg 7250
Bending Test Apparatus Friborg 7250
Torque Meter Tohnichi 2-OT
Spring operated impact Test Apparatus PTL F22.50
Profile Projector Dynascan PT-20
Earth bond tester Friborg
Glow Wire Tester Friborg GW1000/4
Hot wire ignition Tester Friborg
Digital Force Gauge Chattilon DRC 200 N
Exposure Rate Measuring System Victoreen 440RF/D
Ultrasonic thickness gauge Imeco UTG-5201
Leakage current tester Elabo 2G2790-21
High Precision Touch Current Tester EXTECH 7630
Mobile Carder Yokogawa MV230
Bump test apparatus Friborg 5200
Double freq./Double voltage tester Friborg 2500
Creepage & Clearance gauge Set Idemi
Vicat tester Wallace P7E & WEST 2075
Cord anchorage strain device PTL F47.35
Cord anchorage torque device PTL F20.12
Digital Multi meter Rishabh Rish multi 18S
Insulation tester Elabo 2GA27 90-4K
HF Spark Tester Edward HV, ST4M
International Safety Analyzer Bio Tek ISA 470B
Defibrillator Analyzer Bio-Tek QED 5
Pulse Oximeter Simulator Fluke Biomedical 2XLFE
Ventilator Tester Metron QAVTM 16200
X,Y Capacitor tester EMC Partner MIG1212CAP
Flammability tester EMC Partner MIG1803CAP
HIPOT Analyser Chroma 19055
Micro Ohm Meter CROPICO DS5001

Major Products Tested / Project Done

Major Products Tested / Projects Done
Household Consumer Electronics include: Radio Receivers, TV Receivers, Musical Systems, VCD Players, VCRs, , Musical instruments, Video games etc.
IT equipments include: PCs, Telephone, PMU, Scanner, Repeater dual band, PMUs etc
Household electrical appliances include : Electric Irons, Desert Coolars, Washing Machines, Kitchen machines, JMGs, Thermal Mattress with controller, Hot Plates, Toasters,, Room Heaters, Can vending Machines, , Thermal Acupressure Device , Refrigerators, Fans etc.
Measuring & lab equipments include : Energy Meter, Spectrophotometers, Microscopes, Insulation Tester, Oscilloscopes, Digital Indicators, Free Cooling System etc.
Safety critical components include : PVC Insulated cables, CRTs, FBTs, Transformers, Mains Cord, Plug and sockets, Appliance couplers, Glass Cartridge Fuse links, Switches for appliances , RF Suppression Capacitors etc.
Luminaries include : Electronic Ballast, Conventional Ballast, Portable Lamps, Self Ballasted lamps , Aviation Obstruction light, Medium Intensity Light etc
Bio-medical Equipments include : ECG Machines, OT lights, Patient Monitors, RF Blood Sealer etc.
Machines include: Compression Testing Machine, Balancing Machine,Vibrating Machine, Multi Track Machine, Packaging Machine,Jolting Machine etc.