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Environmental and Durability Test Lab

Environmental and Durability Test Lab

Under Environmental and Durability Testing, the products will be tested for Performance of equipment under specified conditions by simulation in the chamber, evaluate the ability of the product to withstand different load conditions over time and determine the products susceptibility to solid particles as well as water ingress. Thermal shock test is also performed to simulate and check how materials will react when exposed to change in extreme climatic conditions in short durations. ETDC, Chennai can perform testing in the following parameter ranges:

Parameter / Test Range / Accuracy / Specifications

Temperature range:

-40°C to 300°C, ±1°C

Relative Humidity range:

10% to 98%, ±3%

Vibration (Sine and Random):





upto 100g, ±2%

Ingress Protection:

First Numeral 1 to 6

Second Numeral 1 to 8

Shock Test:

Up to 100g with sine pulse 6ms to 18 ms

Bump Test:


The above tests are conducted as per IEC: 60068, IS 9000 and JSS: 55555 and Military spec

Accreditation and Recognitions:

Services are NABL accredited and BIS recognized in defined scope of activities.

Services offered

Dry heat test, Cold test, Humidity test, Thermal shock Test, IP test, Sand and Dust test, Sine vibration, Random vibration, Resonance search , Shock test , Bump test , Freefall test and Burn-in test etc.