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ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

Measurement Capability

Parameter / Test Range / Accuracy / Specifications Temperature Comparison LAB :-50°C to 300°C ± 0.03°C, >300ºC to 660°C ±0.046ºC, >660ºC to 1000°C ± 1.12ºC, SITE CAL.: -40°C to 200°C ±0.032°C, >200°C to 660°C ±0.27°C, >660°C to 1000°C±1.14ºC, Chamber/ovens Cal. -80°C to 250°C ±0.53°C Pressure LAB :DWT Cal. By Cross Float Method(Hydraulic), 3 to 50bar ±0.007% rdg., >50bar to 700bar ±0.009% rdg., >700bar to 1000bar ± 0.0140% rdg., Pressure Devices(Hyd.) 2 bar to 700 bar ± 0.018% rdg., Pressure Devices(Pneu.) 1 bar to 200 bar ±0.012% rdg. , Pressure Devices(Abs.) 0.05bar 2.6bar abs. , ±0.022% rdg., Pressure Devices(-ve) -0.92 to 0 bar ± 1.55% of rdg., SITE : Pressure Devices(Hyd.) 0-700 bar± 0.028% rdg. Dimension LAB: Vernier Caliper 0 to 300 mm ± 16 µm, Outside Micrometer 0 to 25 mm ± 1.5 µm, 0 to 300 mm ± 15 µm, Dial Gauge 0 to 25 mm ± 1.7 µm Mass LAB:Weights 1 mg to 200g ± 0.01 mg to 0.085 mg, 500 g to 10 kg ± 0.09 mg to 0.116 g,Balances upto 200g ± 0.099 mg, >200g to 12 kg ± 0.12 g, >12 g to 22 kg ± 2.16 g, SITE: Balance up to 200g±0.099g, >200g to 1200g±0.60g, >12kg to 22kg± 2.16 g Humidity LAB/SITE:10 to 95% with 10°C to 55°c ± 1.51 % RH ± 0.43°C Speed LAB: 80 RPM to 10,000 RPM ± 0.15% of Rdg. Vibration NON NABL ACCREDITED ACTIVITY (BUT WITH NPLI TRACEABILITY) Acceleration upto 10 g pk, velocity up to 200 mm/sec pk

List of Major Facility

Facility / Equipment / Tools Make and Model
SPRT (Quartz) Hart Scientific/5681
Precision Digital Thermometer Hart Scientific/1529(CHUB-E4)
‘S’ Precision Thermocouple with CJC Probe Hart Scientific/5650
Low Temp. Liquid Bath Julabo/FP50
High Temp. Oil Bath Hart Scientific/6020
Metrology Bath Hart Scientific/9173
High Temp. furnace Hart Scientific/9112
Dead Weight Tester (Hydraulic) RUSKA/2485-930D
Dead Weight Tester (Pneumatic) RUSKA/2470-703
‘O’ Grade Slip Gauge Set Mikromix/2011
‘E2’ Grade wt. set Mettler
Precision Balance Mettler/XP205
Precision Balance Mettler/PG1201-S

Major Products Tested / Project Done

Major Products Tested / Projects Done
Temp. Sensors (RTDS/TC/Thermistors), Indicators, Baths, furnaces, chambers, ovens,deep freezers, incubators, controllers, gauges, walk-in chambers, refrigerators, glass Thermometers data loggers, data acquisition systems, scanners etc.
Pressure DWT(by cross float method, Dial/Digital gauges & Calibrators, Manometers, Transmitters etc.(Hydraulic & Pneumatic)
Tachometers (Non-Contact type), Stroboscope, weight, Balance, Micrometer (Outside)
Vernier Caliper, Dial Gauges; Humidity Chambers, hygrometers etc.
Vibration machines, vibration meters etc.