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ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

ERTL(North) Delhi

Measurement Capability

Parameter / Test Range / Accuracy / Specifications


100 nV to 1000 V: ±1.2 ppm to 100ppm

1 kV to 40 kV: ±0.05 % – 1 %


1mV to 22V at 10 Hz to 1 MHz: ±20ppm to 0.1%

22V to 1000V at 10 Hz to100kHz: ±70ppm to 0.1%

1kV to 28kV at 50Hz: ±0.5 to 1.5 %


5pA to 100nA: : ±0.03% to 2%

100 nA to 20 A: ±10ppm to 0.03%

 20 A to 1000 A: ±0.03% to 1%


1 µA  to 20 A at 10Hz to 10kHz: ±0.01% to 0.13%

20A to 300A at 10Hz to 1kHz: ±0.1%

1A to 1000A at 45Hz to 400Hz: ±0.1% to 1%


10V to 600V / 5mA to 200A;  Unity PF to 0.1Lead/Lag PF, at 25Hz to100Hz (1 Phase/ 3 Phase): ±100 to120 ppm


25 Hz to 1 kHz, 0 to 1 (Lag & Lead): ±0.0004PF


100 mW to 20 kW (1V to 1000V/1mA to 20A): ±0.02 % - 0.058 %


100 μH to 100 H at 1 kHz: ±0.02 % to 0.052 %

100 μH to 25mH at 1kHz to 100 kHz:  ±0.1% to 0.35%


1 pF to100 µF at 1kHz: ±21 ppm to 0.3%

 1 pF to1000pF at 10kHz to 1MHz: ±0.1 % - 0.06 %


0.1 mΩ to 100 TΩ: ±0.5 ppm to 0.12%


1Ω to100kΩ at 1 kHz: ±10 to 110ppm


94dB at1kHz: ± 0.3 dB


0.1 Hz to 40 GHz: ±5*10-11 to 3.5*10-7


1s to 3600 s: ±3*10-7


10µW to 20mW at 100kHz to 10MHz: ± 5.5% to 8%

100nW to 20mW at 10MHz to 18GHz: ± 5.5% to 8%

20mW to 10W at 10MHz to 1GHz:  ± 8%


1 to 60 dB at 100kHz to 2.7GHz: ± 0.35dB

1dB to 60 dB at 10MHz to 18GHz: ± 0.35dB to 0.45dB


Amplitude Modulation Depth


10% to 90% , at CW 10MHz to 2.5GHz/MF 30Hz to 1kHz : ±4.1 %

Frequency Modulation Deviation

10 kHz to 100 kHz, at CW 10MHz to 2.5GHz/MF 1kHz: ±6.1 %

Reflection Coefficient/SWR

{\displaystyle \Gamma }Γǀ  : 0 to 0.5 at 10MHz to 18GHz: : Δ ǀ
{\displaystyle \Gamma }Γǀ : ±0.015 to 0.04

Oscilloscope Calibration:

TIME BASE (Marker)


1ns to 55 s: ±10 ppm to 0.1%


5mV to 210 V (1MΩ) & 1mV to 5.56V(5Ω0) at10 Hz to 10 kHz: ±0.05% to 0.4%


Up to 1.1 GHz: ±2.5% to 4%

List of Major Facility

Facility / Equipment / Tools Make and Model

DC Volt Ref. System (Nanoscan)

7004N, Wavetek

DC Standard

732B, Fluke

Kelvin Varley Voltage Divider

720A, Fluke

Reference Divider

752A, Fluke

Voltage Divider (10kV)

80E, Fluke

AC/DC Thermal Transfer Standard

792A, Fluke

Standard Resistor, 25Ω & 100Ω

7334, Guildline

Standard Resistor, 1 Ω & 10kΩ

742A-1 & 10k, Fluke

AC/DC Standard Resistor, 1 Ω to 10k Ω

5685 A/B Series, Tinsley

Standard Resistor (100k Ω) (AC)

1440, GR

Standard Resistance 10MΩ to 100TΩ

9336/9337 Series, Guildline

Automatic DCC Resistance Bridge

6675A, Guildline

Teraohm Meter

6520, Guildline

Calibrator with Amplifier

5720A (5725A), Fluke

Multifunction Calibrator

4808, Datron

Multifunction Calibrator

5520A, Fluke

Multi-Product Calibrator with 1.1GHz Oscilloscope Cal Option

5522A, Fluke

Oscilloscope Calibrator (with Active Head)

9500 (9510), Fluke

Multifunction Transfer Standard

4950, Wavetek

Reference Multimeter

8508A, Fluke

Digital Multimeter

3458A/HFL, HP

Digital Multimeter

4050, Tektronix

Nanovolt/Micro Ohm Meter

34420A, Agilent

Signal Generator

N5181B, Keysight

Microwave Synthesizer

2440M, Gigatronics

USB CW Power Sensors, 12GHz, 18GHz & 26GHz

52000 Series, Boonton

EPM Series Power Meter  with E-Series AVG Power Sensor

N1914A (E9300A), Keysight

Power Meter with Power Sensor/30dB Attenuator

438A, HP

RF Step Attenuator


Rubidium Frequency Standard


Standard Frequency Oscillator

1115-C, GR

Universal Frequency Counter/Timer

53230A, Keysight

46GHz Microwave Frequency Counter

53152A, Agilent

Vector Network Analyzer

ZVB20, R&S

Cal Kit & Verification Kit

ZV-Z235, ZV-Z270, ZV-Z470, &&S

Sound Level Calibrator

4230, B&K

Standard Inductor, 100µH to 10H

1482 Series, GR

Std Air Capacitor, 1pF to 1000pF

16381A, HP

Std Capacitor, 0.1 µF to 0.001µF

1409 Series, GR

Ref Std Capacitor,  10pF to 1000pF

1404 Series, GR

Precision Capacitance Measurement System

1621, IET (GR)

Precision RLC Digibridge

1689, IET Labs & QuadTech

Video Bridge

2110, ESI

Power And Energy Std

MSB100, Rotek

Power/Energy Calibrator System

8100, Rotek

3 Ph Ref Power Meter

HC3100, Hsiang Cheng

Dig PF Meter

252410, YEW

Major Products Tested / Project Done

Major Products Tested / Projects Done

DC Voltage Reference Standards

Multifunction Calibrators

Oscilloscope Calibrators

Thermocouple/ RTD Meters/ Calibrators

Digital Multimeters, 3½ to 8½ Digit

Analog/ Digital Panel Meters-Voltmeters, Ammeters, Frequency Meters

DC Power Meters

High Voltage Testers/ Probes/ Meters

Analog/ Digital Oscilloscope

Power/Energy Calibrators

Power/Energy Reference Standards/ Meters

Power Analyzers

Signal Generators

RF Power Meters/ Sensors/ Thruline Wattmeters

RF Attenuators

Selective Level Meters/ Generators

Communication Analyzers

Modulation Analyzers

Spectrum Analyzers

Network Analyzers

Avionics (DME/NAV/Ramp/ILS etc ) Equipments

Frequency Standards

Frequency Counters/ Timers

Tachometer (Non-contact type)

EMI/EMC Equipments

Sound Level Meters/ Calibrators

AC/DC Current Shunts

Resistance Standards

Decade Resistance Boxes

Capacitance Standards,

Decade Capacitance Boxes

Inductance Standards,

Decade Inductance Boxes

LCR Meters & Bridges

Micro Ohm Meters/ Earth Tester/ Meggers

Tera Ohm Meters/ High Resistance Meter