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Software and System Certification

Software and System Certification

A comprehensive scheme for software and System certification has been developed by Standardization Testing & Quality Certification Directorate (STQC).

Under the scheme Software is defined as all or part of the programmes, procedures, rules ,any associated documentation of an information processing system and System as the combination of interacting elements organized to achieve one or more stated purpose.

The IT systems considered in the Certification are man-made, created and utilized to provide products and/or services in defined environments for the benefit of users and other stakeholders. These systems may be configured with one or more of the following system elements: hardware, software, data, humans, processes (e.g., processes for providing service to users), procedures (e.g., operator instructions), facilities, materials and naturally occurring entities. In practice, they are thought of as products or services.

The perception and definition of a particular system, its architecture and its system elements depend on an observer’s interests and responsibilities. One person's system-of-interest can be viewed as a system element in another person's system-of-interest. Furthermore, a system-of-interest can be viewed as being part of the environment of operation for another person's system-of-interest.

The following are key points regarding the characteristics of the systems-of-interest:

  • defined boundaries encapsulate meaningful needs and practical solutions;
  • there is hierarchical or other relationship between system elements;
  • an entity at any level in the system-of-interest can be viewed as a system;
  • a system comprises an integrated, defined set of subordinate system elements;
  • characteristic properties at a system’s boundary arise from the interactions among system elements;
  • humans can be viewed as both users external to a system and as system elements (i.e., operators) within a system;
  • a system can be viewed in isolation as an entity, i.e., a product, or as a collection of functions capable of interacting with its surrounding environment, i.e., a set of services.

While requesting for certification user/applicant needs to define System of interest to formalise the “SCOPE OF CERTIFICATION”

Benefits of Certification

IT System and software Certification provide adequate level of confidence that conformity assessment requirements of RFP are complied with .Different stakeholders can use this certification scheme for the purpose defined below

  • Help to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the IT/e Gov projects
  • Reduce Risks by providing inputs for early monitoring and timely corrections
  • Help funding agencies to get confidence on the outcome of the project
  • Help businesses to be competitive and complying
  • Facilitate trust in procurement and supply, facilitating payments to implementing agencies by providing objective evidence of compliances.
  • Provide a visible link between standards and the market.

Why to Choose STQC?

A team of competent Professionals qualified as per international requirements.
Government of India organization, able to act truly as an independent third party, with high degree and confidentiality and integrity.
Able to offer services in a very cost effective, competent and credible manner with customer care as the focus.

Certification Process

Certification process is defined through a set of documents where certification requirement ,process and criteria defined.

  • Application Form
  • Certification Criteria/Guidelines-e procurement systems
  • List of Certified Clients-e procurement systems



Guidelines for Compliance to Quality Requirements of e-Procurement Systems 803.44 KBapplication/pdf icon

Application Form 200.81 KBapplication/pdf icon

Certification Agreement Document Issue 1.0 Jan2017 278.71 KBapplication/pdf icon

Procedure for Assessment of System and Software Ver1.0 May 2014 147.49 KBapplication/pdf icon

Eprocurement Assessment Charges 490.56 KBapplication/pdf icon

List of certified eProcurement SW-System Ver 8.0 07August 2020 2 MBapplication/pdf icon

Procedural Guidelines for EPS Certification ver 1.0 Feb 2018 842.44 KBapplication/pdf icon

Plug-in: Download Adobe Acrobat ReaderExternal website that opens in a new window application/pdf

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