Key Areas of Services offered to Industry

Measurement Capability

Parameter / Test Range / Accuracy / Specifications
Electronic Fan regulatorIS: 11037- 1984 Reaffirmed 2005
Self Ballasted Fluorescent LampsIS:15111 (pt II); 2002, Reaffirmed 2007, IEC 60969;1998
Fire Alarm Control Panel (Except detection system)IS:2189;99 Reaffirmed 2004
Digital measuring instruments IS:13875;1993 Reaffirmed 2006
Electronic BallastIS: 13021(Part II)- 91 Reaffirmed 2005IEC 60929;2006
Solid state InverterIS:13314-92 Reaffirmed 2003
Automatic Line Voltage Corrector(Step Type)IS: 8448- 89 Reaffirmed 2003
Double-capped fluorescent lampsIS2418 ;1977 Part-1,II ,III&IVIEC: 60080;2002
Personal computerIS: 14896-2001 Reaffirmed 2007
Taxi Meter ElectronicIS 2747-1990 Reaffirmed 2006As per Weight and Measures Specification
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments Ammeter, Voltmeter, Wattmeter,Frequency meter, Power factor meter,IS:1248;2003 ..
Energy Meters Static/Electromechanical ,(Single phase, Three phase, Tri-vector, Multi-functional)IS: 13779;1999, IS: 14697;1999 Reaffirmed 2004, IS13010;2000 ,IEC/AS 62052-11;2003, 62053-11;2003 62053-21;2003,62053-22;2003 &62053-23;2003,CBIP88, CBIP304;2008,NMI-M6

List of Major Facility

Facility / Equipment / Tools Make and Model
Integrating Sphere with Photometer for Lumen MeasurementEVERFINA, CHINA
Spectrophoto colorimeterEverfine PMS-50
Modular Impulse Generator up to 12kVEMC Partner MIG1203
Impulse Generator, up to 6kVEM Test UCS 500M6-VCS
3 Phase Test Bench with Standard Reference Meter and Static Power SourceZera MTS-320/COM3003
3 Phase Test Bench with Standard Reference Meter and Static Power SourceMTE SPE120.3/300VA & CALSTAL 400

Major Products Tested / Project Done

Major Products Tested / Projects Done
Energy Meters Static/Electromechanical (Single phase, Three phase, Tri-vector, Multi-functional)
Self Ballasted Fluorescent Lamps
Fire Alarm Control Panel
Direct acting indicating analogue & Digital electrical measuring instruments
Electronic Ballast
Solid state Inverter
Automatic Line Voltage Corrector (Step Type)
Double-capped fluorescent lamps
Personal Computer
Electronic Taxi Meter
Electronic Fan regulator