STQC IT- ERTL [North], New Delhi

STQC IT Centre, Delhi is one of the prominentcentres under STQC’s IT & e-Governance activity. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, test & evaluation facilities in the area of Software Quality, Cyber Security and Common criteria evaluation. The centre is managed and run by qualified, trained & experienced professionals to provide Testing/Audit, Evaluation & Certification services to the Government departments and other organizations in India and abroad.


Following IT related services are carried out at STQC IT Centre, Delhi:

• Software Quality Testing ( Functional, Performance &Usability )

• Cyber Security Testing and Assessment (Network Security assessment, Vulnerability assessment, Penetration testing, Application Security assessment).

• ISMS Implementation Process Audit

• Information Security Risk Assessment

• E-Procurement System [EPS] Testing, Evaluation & Certification

• Common Criteria evaluation ( ISO/IEC 15408)

• Service Level Agreement (SLA) Auditing

• Audit of Software and System Life cycle processes.

   • Professional Certification Programmes viz. CSQP, CSTM, CNSM etc.

   • Training on software/systems testing


Recognitions / Accreditations

STQC IT, Delhi Centre has been recognized by International and national bodies for different Software /System testing and Information.

 Security evaluation/audit activities:

• Software and System Testing in conformance with international standards recognized by industry and Govt. Organizations

• STQC on behalf of India is the signatory to Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement (CCRA) with Indian Common Criteria Certification Scheme (IC3S) for evaluation and certification of IT products for security as per CC standards, ver. 3.1/ISO/IEC 15408, upto EAL4 assurance level. As per the article 1 of the CCRA, Certificates issued by one-member countries are accepted in other countries without re-certification

• NABCB, QCI India accreditation for ISMS Certification as per ISO 27001 standard


Specialized Services

STQC IT Centre, Delhi offers a range of specialized services to enhance business benefits and opportunities for individuals and organizations of all sizes.

• Testing of IT system performance and scalability

• Verification of System and solution architecture and audit of deployed architecture

• Website Quality Testing & Evaluation as per GIGW Guideline

• Mobile Application Security Testing [Static & Dynamic] as per OWASP Top 10 & OWASP MASVS

• PCH Device Testing, Evaluation & certification

• POS Device Security Testing & Evaluation

• IoT Device Testing & Evaluation as per OWASP Top 10 & OWASP ASVS Criterion

• SLA Measurement and Audit of SLA Measurement system

• Testing and Audit of End-to-End IT System including Front-End Middleware and Back-End Systems

Key Areas of Services offered to Industry

Service AreaCategory
Mgmt. System, Product Certification (IT and e-Gov)

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