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ETDC, Agartala


Electronics Test and Development Centre, Agartala, is one of the laboratory of STQC Directorate, Ministry of ETDC AgartalaElectronics and Information Technology, Government of India engaged primarily in providing Accredited Calibration and Testing facilities.

It is one of the ETDC set up to serve small and medium scale electronic industries located in North East India. ETDC (Agartala) serves the industries located in north eastern part of India with an aim of upgrading the overall quality of electronics products manufactured in India.

Recognitions / Accreditations

The testing and calibration facilities have been recognized by national accreditation bodies and have gained the recognition of the industry in north east region of India.

The training courses have been recognized by DOEACC society for O and A level courses.

Specialized Services

ETDC Agartala, has special facilities for calibration and testing of medical equipment.

Any Other Information

ETDC Agartala is putting thrust towards exploring the IT training services for various organizations situated in the state of Tripura, to help in building IT savvy Manpower.

Key Areas of Services offered to Industry


Contact Us

Head of Laboratory
Name and Designation Address Phone/Email/Fax
B R MEDHI, Director

ETDC, Agartala Indira Nagar, P.O. Kunjarban Agartala - 799 006

Phone: 0381 - 2359140,2350366
Fax: 0381 - 2350058
Email: brmedhi AT stqc.gov.in