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Audit of Cloud Service Providers

The Audit Criteria Documents have been approved by MeitY for Auditing the empaneled CSPs


MeitY has completed the provisional empanelment of the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) in September 2016. Subsequent to this empanelment, it is proposed to conduct the audit of these CSPs. A detailed audit criteria has been approved comprising of the following documents for auditing the empanelled CSPs: 

I.Application form for Cloud Service Provider - This is the form that CSPs need to fill and submit to STQC to get themselves audited. 

II.Audit Criteria for CSPs - This document covers specific requirements for cloud service providers to comply with for the purpose of certification. 

III.Audit Report – Audit Report format is to provide information for audit decision (or otherwise) in a uniform presentation. This makes easy to correlate with the audit criteria. 

IV.Vocabulary – This is the list of definitions of various terms/terminologies used in the various audit documents.

V.Schedule of Charges – This document highlights the charges for application, audit and evaluation and statement of conformity fees. 

 For details above scheme and related documents, visit the following link :